9 Summer Activities to Do in Copper Mountain, Colorado

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Copper Mountain is a ski resort through and through. But snow only powders its mountains about six months out of the year, leaving the 60- to 70-degree weather of May through August open for exploring the mountains and mostly empty resort by participating in some amazing Copper Mountain summer activities.

Whether it’s playing 18 on the Copper Creek Golf Course on-site, taking your mountain bike up one of the lifts and zooming down like a daredevil or getting into some of the more leisurely Copper Mountain things to do in summer, like lounging on the banks of West Lake and taking a scenic chair lift ride — there’s something for everyone during the Colorado summer.

The main point is that Copper Mountain summers are certainly not sleepy. With so much to do — and much more affordable lodging — Copper’s summer season easily rivals any other mountain in Colorado.

Copper Mountain Summer Activities

1. Golfing at Copper Creek Golf Course

The Copper Creek Golf Course is an 18-hole, par-69 course designed by the iconic Pete Dye and his brother Perry Dye. It’s nearly 6,000 yards in length and reaches elevations of 9,863 feet at its peak. As with many beautiful golf courses in Colorado, it’s also not cheap.

It does feature very reasonable twilight and super-twilight rates and club rentals for the out-of-towners who didn’t want to fly with clubs. So anyone can get out to the Copper Mountain golf course during their visit.

  • 18 Holes w/ Cart: $79 Off-Peak & $92 Peak
  • 18 Holes Mid-Day w/ Cart: $68 Off-Peak & $81 Peak
  • 18 Holes Twilight w/ Cart: $40 Off-Peak & $49 Peak
  • 18 Holes Super 6 p.m. Twilight w/ Cart: $23 Off-Peak & $28 Peak

2. Hiking

There are 11 named hiking trails in and around Copper Mountain (and a ton more off the beaten path), offering easy to hard hikes for all skill levels. One of the most notable trails is the Segment 8 section of the Colorado Trail, a 486-mile continuous trail that spans the Colorado Rocky Mountains from Denver to Durango.

Trails in the area are known for their pine-lined trails that lead to majestic mountaintops and pristine lakes. If you’re willing to take a short drive to Frisco, Dillon or anywhere else outside of Copper, you’ll find hundreds of hiking trails. But you won’t have to leave Copper for hiking if you’re staying for a week or less.

Don’t forget to bring your best pair of hiking boots, 10 essentials since trails are very remote and all your other gear and tips.

  • Cost: Free!

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3. Mountain Biking

There’s no debating that downhill mountain biking is exhilarating. And Colorado has some of the best downhill mountain biking trails in the world — with the least amount of effort to get to. That’s because Copper Mountain, like many ski resorts, keeps a few chairlifts running through the summer for those people who don’t want to roll or carry their bike all the way to the top.

It’s the ultimate payoff. Jump on a chairlift with your mountain bike, casually get dropped off at the top, race down to the bottom and do it all over again. Copper has terrains that cater to all experience levels, from easy to advanced, and the chairlifts are typically open 10 a.m to 4 p.m. from July to September.

  • Cost: Free!

4. Scenic Chairlift Rides

If you’re headed out to Copper for the summer and looking for something a little more laid back than hiking or biking, but you also want to take in those pristine mountain-top views, going for a scenic chairlift ride may be the thing for you!

It’s cool, calm and a place to collect your thoughts and enjoy the views without exerting any effort. Plus, you can always hop off at the top of the lift and take a walk around, enjoy a pre-packed lunch (with a beer or two) and head back down whenever you’re ready.

Copper’s chairlift typically runs 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. from July to September. It’s the same lift that takes mountain bikers up to the top. But don’t miss the last lift to the bottom at 4:15 p.m. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck making the trek down with your own two feet.

  • Cost: Free!

5. Woodward Copper Summer Sessions

Although the outdoor mountain sections of Woodward aren’t open during the summer, the indoor Barn area is open year-round. It offers that beastly 19,400-square-foot, state-of-the-art indoor training facility with foam pits, indoor ski and snowboard training, Olympic-grade trampolines and plenty more.

Plus, for those daredevils looking to get a different adrenaline rush, there’s the Woodward Wrecktangle, which is an outdoor ninja obstacle course with plenty of challenges to conquer.

  • Barn Two-Hour Intro Session: $59 (for initial visit to Barn)
  • Barn Two-Hour Drop-In Session: $49 (for second visit and beyond)
  • Barn Four-Session Pack: $99
  • Barn Season Pass: $289

6. West Lake Activities

Copper’s West Lake offers a ton of different Copper Mountain summer activities for people of all ages. There’s a 300-foot, two-person dueling zipline that offers quite the thrill, bumper boats, paddle boats, hydrobikes and, if you accidentally fall off one of them, swimming is also an activity.

West Lake also has a makeshift beach with a few lounge chairs and umbrellas, so you can lounge out and catch some rays. West Lake’s summer activities are open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday during the summer months.

  • Zipline, Boats and Hydrobike: $13 to $15 per ride

7. Climbing Wall

As of 2019, Copper Mountain is home to the largest-standing outdoor climbing wall in Colorado. You’re safe, secure and can cut your teeth to begin climbing in a safe and fun environment before graduating to the likes of Moab or other great climbing in the area.

The climbing wall is open during summer months from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

  • Climbing Wall: $13 to $15 per climb

8. Go Karting

During the summer months, the resort converts the Powder Parking Lot into a 10-mile Go Kart track that’s open to the public from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday and Sunday.

Each ride is seven minutes long and requires drivers to be at least 56 inches tall. They do have double carts for those people shorter or younger than 16 years old.

  • Go Karts: $13 to $15 per ride

9. Rocky Mountain Coaster

Created primarily for kids, the Rocky Mountain Coaster is a makeshift alpine roller coaster that runs year-round. You must be at least 52 inches tall to drive it. It’s also worth noting that kids ride free with a parental ticket.

  • One Ride: $20 to $25
  • One Re-Ride: $15

Whether you decide to visit in the summer or feel the urge to go back in the winter, Copper Mountain, Colorado offers something for just about everyone. Plus, it’s a prime location between some of the most well-known ski resorts in Colorado means it’ll always be less crowded than the big-name resorts!

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