For frequent flyers and one-off travelers alike, Skyscanner offers the unique ability to search nearly every flight in the world with a click of a button. I use Skyscanner to find new destinations around the world that I can fly to for cheap. If you’re open to finding new places based on your budget, you’ll definitely want to give Skyscanner a try!


By far the best place to find short-term and long-term accommodations around the world on the cheap, has quickly become my favorite website for finding an affordable and amazing place to stay in the next city I visit!


For those hostel dwellers seeking comradery and a cheap place to stay, you’ll definitely want to check out Hostelworld! It specializes in hostels around the world, so there’s a very good chance they’ll have more than a few options available in the next city you’re visiting.


I’m a digital nomad who is planning to spend months at a time visiting National Parks and the lesser traversed plots of the United States and Canda via car and tent camping. So there will come a time when I need to plop myself down and spend a month at the same place. Airbnb allows me to find entire furnished apartments and houses — that I have all to myself — for nearly the amount I used to spend on rent in South Florida!


When renting cars across the United States, and even into Belize, I always trust to find the best cars, from the most reliable companies, at the best prices.


If you’re traveling outside the United States or a greater distance in the U.S. that your current health insurance doesn’t recognize, you’re going to need to invest in travel insurance. For U.S. citizens, is by far the best network I’ve ever come across. You’ll just need to spend two minutes filling out your trip info and then you’ll receive travel insurance quotes from 10 to 30 companies!

World Nomads

While I always turn to first, it’s only open to U.S. citizens and isn’t always the best option out there. For non-U.S. citizens and those people who participate in extreme sports, you may want to check out World Nomads for your travel insurance needs. They offer comprehensive short-term and long-term policies for decent prices.


Thrift Books

I’m a huge book nerd, and I’m extremely proud of that! I used to scour every Goodwill for the off chance I’d find some incredible for $1, but I quit doing that and turned to Thrift Books. It has quickly become the mecca for used books in the entire world. With low prices and low free-shipping thresholds, it’s pretty common that I get three to five quality books for around $15.